Health and Safety Policy

CWE Group regards its employees as the most asset in an organization. We are committed and accountable for providing a safe and healthy work environment through a proactive occupational health and safety program.
To fulfill this commitment, everyone must work together to provide and maintain a healthy and safe work environment that meets or exceeds all legislated and industry standards. We will apply the continuous improvement process to health and safety and will strive to control or eliminate all reasonably foreseeable hazards that may result in accidents, personal injuries/illnesses, fires, security losses or other property damages.
We must all work with, and support our health and safety program, to ensure that the necessary resources are made available to the program, and to consider the safety and health impacts and opportunities in all decisions.
All managers are responsible and accountable for ensuring that health and safety standards are incorporated into all aspects of our business and that required facilities and resources are made available to ensure the successful execution of all required health and safety processes and programs.
All supervisors are responsible and accountable for ensuring the execution and enforcement of health and safety processes, engineering requirements, health and safety education programs and written safe work practices and procedures within the locations under their control.
All employees are responsible and accountable for safely performing their work in accordance with written procedures and practices, reporting any hazards or injuries, participating in health and safety education programs, and protecting their fellow employees. Employees are expected to follow all safe work practices established by management.
All contractors, agency-supplied personnel and visitors will be expected to abide by all applicable health and safety processes and rules.
All members of management, the Joint Health & Safety Committee (JHSC), and all workers must join in making health and safety an integral component of our daily activities. Health and safety are a key requirement for our success and viability.
    Kevin Bagheri, P. Eng.
Health & Safety Coordinator
Niloo Amiri is CWE group certified member by the Ontario Workplace Safety and Prevention per section 7.6 of the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA).
Please contact her for any Workplace Health & Safety inquiry at CWE Group.
Phone: 613-805-8545