Grit Blast Cleaning in Water - Washable Flourescent Liquid Penetrant Examination (LPE)
4TH International CANDU and NDT Conference in Canada, Toronto, Ontario, June 2012

NDT is a required process for the fabrication of aerospace components at the W.R. Davis Engineering plant. The American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) Standard E1209 specifies water-washable fluorescent Liquid Penetrant Examination (LPE). The Standard that governs LPE of aerospace components at Davis is ASTM E1417. This paper describes the Standard’s pre-cleaning requirements after Grit Blasting (GB) before LPE and presents a project conducted by W.R. Davis Engineering. The LPE project required per the Standard was intended to provide evidence and a technical justification on the adequacy of the procedure. The paper describes the acceptable cleaning method after grit blasting with considering peening effect. This will be followed by how Davis produced an Inspection Specification (IS), an Inspection Procedure (IP), test and qualification samples, independent peer reviews and a Technical Justification (TJ). 

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